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Everything that exists vibrates and has a rhythm

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Everything that exists vibrates and has a rhythm. This rhythm determines what something is or is not. Life or death, healthy or sickly, all vibrates to a rhythm. This vibration is caused by s life force or electromagnetic fields. Another name for this force is called energy. Disease is simple energy that has lost its rhythm, in other words, its energy rhythm causes destructions force instead of body reinforcement. There can be no true healing without balancing of the energies forces.

Orthodox medical doctors approach this from the cellular aspect. Their energy is in the form of drugs, which when administered to the blood stream, it is utilized like a roadway system, carrying this form of energy throughout the entire body. Though the medical society has made major progress, their method of administering chemical energy to every part of the body without exception (whether its needs the drug or not), is the cause side effect, covering the symptom of one imbalance while creating another. One must eventually ask him or herself am I really cured if I have to take medication for the rest of my life? Or am I cohabitating with the disease?  I do not advocate termination of the orthodox medical group. What I do advocate is that energy form medication be used as a complementary medicine to extend it effectiveness range into the none cellular realm...

As it were in religion, the  priests and pope had a monopoly in the way of worshipping what most of us call God. The spiritual knowledge was withheld from the masses to prevent choice and knowledge. The pharmaceutical companies will behave as the pharaoh in Egypt; they will not let my people go. Where there is no choice there is no liberty." My people are perishing form the lack of knowledge". There's a melting pot of knowledge that is available at low cost that can meet our needs...

This brings me to the reason for my website. I am a radiesthesist, I have the divine gift to interact with the life force energy, and make no mistake about it, there must be an countering  force with the proper vibration,  intensity and consciousness,  in order to reintegrate disharmonize energy into its harmonize nature. This is what is missing from the orthodox pharmaceutical drugs, even though the chemical reaction will produce energy, it will not have the proper vibration, intensity or conscious intelligence to terminate when desired effect is reached.

The faster the vibration the more intelligent and effective the cure. Acute imbalances can be deterred with slow liquid or solid chemicals, but chronic imbalance demands high vibration medicine. Therefore a medication in the form and nature of the disease is needed to coach its energy back into balance. The disease is invisible, what is detected in the blood stream is the effect or presence...I have  the ability to provide chemical effects in energy form, through the art of channeling its higher level of manifestation in none physical form. The truth be told, man exists in various forms, gas, liquid, solid, electromagnetic, and spirit. The first four are chemically base, in which the electromagnetic being the most effective means of delivery. In this form you have cellular access to the command control center which instructs the cells in their duties.

I alone can't heal you, only the soul can do that. What I can do is assist you in healing yourself by channeling electromagnetic chemical base energy to your higher self (through the aura) which will provide the changes to the lower self providing if you can receive it. The only resistance to electrical means is resistance itself. Every thought, emotional display, is chemical base. Therefore disbelief and a closed mind will render this powerful opportunity useless. What makes me different is that I can request the chemical vibration of an element from its unlimited source, the cosmos, this gift which falls in the realm of radionics, is a form of extra sensory perception better known as ESP that allows me to interact with the imbalances that causes disease in the body.

This method has been used for thousands of years by Egyptians, Jews, and Chinese. Orthodox doctors treat sickness from its effect, meaning treatment after the disharmonized energy has manifested in the blood stream or tissue. The radionic practitioner looks for the disharmonize energy in its un-manifested state before it manifests in the body. By solving the energy imbalance at this higher level; there will be no, manifestation of the disease at the lower level. This alone I think is detrimental to the way we should approach sickness, first in its energy form, then in its physical form. It should be your first form of preventive medicine.  It cannot cause harm but could most definitely be a powerful deterrence against the formation of diseases.

Once a specimen of the aura is provided to the practitioner, one will not have to be present for the treatment. Distances have no effect on the treatment for it travels not through air but through a higher substance that science will not except known as ether. Whether they believe or not it still works. I channel the chemical elements in energy patterns from the cosmos, then  transmit it to the recipient's aura by the use of the provided specimen.  By transmitting chemical elements in energy patterns, one has an opportunity to pry away the grip of the pharmaceutical companies, which strangles the patient financially. By all means if you have the finance purchase what you can afford, but if you don't have it then there is still hope.

The cells in the body is similar to the cells in a car battery, don't wait until you have a dead cell to attempt recharging, a dead cell will not accept a charge, which again is resistance. Allow me to provide you with high service at low cost.  I will demonstrate the power, but you the reader needs to educate yourself in uses of energy medicine. Don't take my word for it. Knowledge itself is abstract. Everything that's visible is derived from the invisible. Remember out of the darkness came the light! Disbelief is the only resistance to this method.

Jesus had the same problem because of the people disbelief he was not able to perform miracles, but was reduced only to laying on of the hand healing. The cosmos is unlimited in supply and resources unto the one whom can receive it. "Come let us reason together". We have everything to gain, good health, pharmaceutical liberation and nothing to lose. This is preventive medicine at its best.

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