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Everything that exists vibrates and has a rhythm

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What is Cosmic Pharmaceuticals

Simply Stated Cosmic Pharmaceuticals is reorganizing, balancing the body’s rhythms or energy that has become out of balance. Everything that exists vibrates and has a rhythm. This rhythm determines what something is or is not. Life or death, healthy or sickly, all vibrates to a rhythm. This vibration is caused by life force or electromagnetic fields. Another name for this force is called energy. Disease is simple energy that has lost its rhythm, in other words, its energy rhythm causes destructions force instead of body reinforcement. There can be no true healing without balancing of the energies forces.

Reason For My Website

I am a radiesthesist, I have the divine gift to interact with the life force energy, and make no mistake about it, there must be an countering  force with the proper vibration,  intensity and consciousness,  in order to reintegrate disharmonious energy into its harmonize nature.





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Traditional Works Hand In Hand

I alone can’t heal you, only the soul can do that. What I can do is assist you in healing yourself .It cannot cause harm but could most definitely be a powerful deterrence against the formation of diseases.

Watch The Video

There is a video I have for you to watch. During this video you may see my hands with the pendulum moving, this is an involuntary reflex muscle stimulated by the central nervous system. This muscle reflex is the energy consciousness manipulating my muscular and nervous system in order to express its intelligence on this physical plane. I can't see myself therefore am not conscious of the movement.  I just interpret the movement. Similar to speaking in tongues, you cannot speak without moving your mouth. The wind moves the flag but you don't  see the force you only sees the effect. Search is all whom are led by the spirit.